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Marine Biodiversity loss

Invited talk by Paul Snelgrove Department of Ocean Sciences and Biology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada   Despite expanding pressures on ocean resources and associated new challenges for ocean sustainability, rapid scientific tool development creates new opportunities to advance our understanding of marine biodiversity and its importance to our planet’s life support system. […]

Pattern of changes in marine ecosystems

Invited talk by Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi University of Pisa Italy   Scale in ecology is a multidimensional concept, referring both to the hierarchical levels of biological organization and to the spatial and temporal extent of observations. Many fundamental ecological patterns, such as the diversity-stability, species-area and biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships are scale-dependent, and biodiversity itself is a […]

Panel Discussion “Improving cooperation between EC-ESA projects”

The objective is to exchange on projects progress and plans, data sharing, and to discuss how to further avoid duplication and enhance synergies (e.g. facilitate data accessibility through harmonised platforms, identification of common test sites, harmonization of validation and decision making tools) to advance knowledge. Strategies and actions to enhance collaboration on joint communication and […]

Afternoon Session

Possible alternatives: Guided tour of the city Fieldtrip to snorkel in the famous bubbling thermal vents at Ischia Yellow Submarine at Villa Comunale